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Border Crossing with Fido – tips for travel


border crossing with dogsWe cross the border into the States almost every weekend as my daughter is part of a horse riding club in the Sumas, Washington area. We have a 10 month old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever named Lucy and we needed to gather as much information as possible to help us cross back and forth with ease. I hope you find this information helpful! Source

Traveling with Pets

The rules for bringing pet dogs, cats, and birds across the U.S. – Canadian border are pretty straightforward but there are differences between the two countries – and even different U.S. States.  In theory, you should contact the state veterinarian of each state you are intending to visit.  Finally,  regulations change, so it is always a good idea to call the specific border crossing station you will be using if you are bringing your animal along for the first time in a while, or are traveling with something other than a dog or cat. We have a separate web page for every border crossing between the two countries which has contact information for every station. (more…)

July 25, 2014 |

5 Best Dog Life Jackets Reviewed

life jacketIs A Life Jacket Really Necessary For Dogs?
There’s no better way to beat the summer heat than a romp in the water to cool down.  Whether its a trip to the beach, a lakeside treat or just a dip in the pool, both humans and their canine companions can enjoy strenuous exercise without over heating.  But pet owners should be mindful of the dangers involved in swimming and boating for their four legged friends.  Every year over 4000 dogs drown in swimming pools alone.  Even the strongest swimmer can become incapacitated in a boating or skiing accident.


July 22, 2014 |

Camping with your Dog this summer – what to know


camping 1Source: Kevin Callan “The Happy Camper”, Canada AM

My dog Angel is a “Gollie” (a mix between a border collie and a golden retriever). She’s a great dog and she just loves canoe tripping. Angel carries her pack full of kibble on the portage, doesn’t whine or bark in the canoe, and she stays close to us – except when a squirrel or chipmunk wanders into camp.

Some dogs are well-behaved and considerate, while others may prove to be a nuisance on a camping trip. Taking care of your dog on a trip, and making sure it behaves, are equally important.


July 18, 2014 |

Have you heard of ‘Black Dog Syndrome’?


black dog 1This past year my family and I have been searching for a rescue dog to bring into our family. Our old lab rescue Kobi passed away at 13 years young a few years ago and we all felt we were ready. We love big black dogs and so we started searching for one.

It was almost impossible to find a suitable rescue for our family and our active lifestyle as they are all scooped up quickly here on the West Coast in Vancouver, BC….so we went further afield after a good friend of our rescued a black lab cross from Houston Texas.


June 30, 2014 |
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